SolPrint MIS

SolPrint is a complete browser based management system that streamlines your workflow and creates efficiency.

With access for Internal Users, Customers, Suppliers, Shop Floor Operators and Sales Staff SolPrint creates one completely integrated solution. In addition the SolPrint API allows for seamless integration of 3rd Party Systems.

SolPrint is a modular system covering all areas of the printing process including: 

Client facing websites allow for Catalogue based ordering driving automated back end production workflows. Web2Print templates allow for end user online product customisation.

Due to its modular design SolPrint can be deployed using only the modules required with additional modules and users added when needed.

i-teba builds, delivers and supports SolPrint in a unique way that allows the software to be highly customised for each client while preserving the integrity of a commercial software application. Utilising this proven skill we are able to adapt the application to each client’s specific requirements. In this manner we develop a strong partnership with our clients working together to develop a system that works best for their operation.

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SolPrint MIS