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Report Writer

Utilising Windows Crystal Report Writer, this module allows a user to compile reports on any data contained within SolPrint, by any mix desired. These report layouts can be user defined, with graphics if required.


The heart of this is the SolPrint Database, specially written to make creating reports a simple drag and drop exercise from pre-set database field menus.


In addition to the report writing made simple, users can modify or re-design any documents on the system such as quote letters, job tickets, invoices etc. It is recommended however, as with all features of SolPrint, that care is taken as to who has user permissions to alter documents.


Any reports created can be added to the SolPrint menus so they appear as an integral part of the system to the end user.


The Report Scheduler allows for reports to be run periodically and if data exists an email with the report attached in pdf format sent to a pre-defined list of recipients.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Accounts and Solprint Rental.

Key Features


  • Create custom reports from any data within SolPrint.

  • Option to export reports to Word, Excel, PDF or other standard Windows products.
  • Option to email reports to other users, customers or suppliers.
  • Easy customisation of document layouts.
  • Standard reports provided for all modules.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard reports provided.
  • Standard reports can be modified by the end-user to include company specific details.
  • Reports can be added to the SolPrint menus.
  • Reports can be run in real-time over the web.
  • Easy drag and drop functionality available when creating reports.
  • Report scheduler.