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Production Control

The Production Control Module enables you to track jobs by status, job number, customer, delivery date etc. From the Review Job Progress screen it is possible to view, amend and reprint the job ticket, track proofs, see paper and material availability, and also compare actual hours versus estimated hours.


Production notes can be entered against a job and can be flagged to appear when the job is reprinted i.e. special ink mixes.


Copy job allows for reprint jobs to be easily created with warnings if any complaints were raised the last time the job was run. 


Additional charges can be recorded against the job with confirmation sent to the customer at the time they are raised. These charges are then automatically itemised on the invoice once the job is completed.

In addition to all this, the module contains powerful reporting on work in progress, cost centre loadings, and work to lists.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Order Processing, Purchasing and Supplier XN.

Key Features

  • Full proof tracking facilities.
  • Job tracking with full job status analysis.
  • Productivity reports.
  • Work in progress reports.
  • Work-to listings.
  • Pallet tracking.
  • Cost centre loading and utlisation reporting.
  • Unlimited production notes against jobs.
  • Complaint monitoring.
  • Ability to track jobs by project name.
  • Easy toggle between work in progress and historical jobs.
  • Information updated in real-time from the shop floor.
  • Section and signature tracking.
  • Production optimisation allows for component jobs to be grouped together on a production job.
  • Extensive search facilities to locate jobs and view their progress.