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MIS Console and KPI Dashboard Reports

The MIS console is a user friendly environment that can be customised for individual users and/or groups of users so they only have access to relevant areas of the system.

User specific diary reminders are triggered from actions within the system that relate to the individual user. For example a sales person will be automatically reminded to follow up a quote that was generated by and estimator on their behalf.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports can be accessed with informative graphical drilldown interfaces.

User specific shortcuts provide quick access to regularly used functions.

Task tabbing allows easy navigation between currently opened tasks.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Prospecting and CRM and Customer XN.

Key Features

  • User specific diary reminders.
  • Colour coded reminders.
  • KPI Dashboard reports.
  • User specific menu options.
  • Integrated user defined reporting.
  • User specific shortcuts.
  • Multi view tabs.
  • Minimal screen wastage with auto hiding panels.
  • Outlook integration.