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Finished Good Stock

Finished Goods Stock is truly a Forms and Facilities Management program, enabling users to enter not only printed goods, but any item required by customers, whether produced in-house or bought in. When used in conjunction with the Sales Order Entry screens, it makes it very suitable for Telephone Sales and Mail Order applications. As with other areas of SolPrint, these screens can be tailored to customers’ specific needs.


Because the module is fully integrated into the main SolPrint system, the information displayed is dynamic, giving enquirers a true picture of the actual status of stock items, either in stock, in production, on back order or in quarantine. If the item is out of stock users can view production schedules to see exactly when the item will be available and the order fulfilled – all in real time.


With the facility to enter minimum and maximum stock levels, plus re-order quantities, the system can be set to raise a job ticket to replace depleted stock, thereby eliminating the danger of running out of a stock item. This information can be made available to the customer through their web SolPrint XN login.


All stock items can be individually priced, either dynamically from the main system, or based on pre-agreed price lists with quantity discounts. If required, a visual representation of the stock item can be included on the sales order entry screen allowing the sales persons to quickly identify what is being ordered. Thereby avoiding items being wrongly ordered and delivered - all while they are still talking to the customer.


Web2print capabilities allow for template based stocks to be ordered online by the client with the PDF automatically generated based on the variable data provided.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Invoicing, Accounts and Report writing.

Key Features


  • Sales order entry with automatic FIFO picking.

  • Customer web access to raise Call Off orders and track progress.
  • Thumbnail view of stock available over the web.
  • Web2print variable data options for automatic PDF creation.
  • Automatic Print on Demand (POD) processing.
  • Automatic Picking Slip production detailing locations and quantities to be picked.
  • Easy monitoring of current production activity.
  • On-screen analysis of current order status.
  • Stock identified to production run or purchase order.
  • Stock pricing optionally based on production run or purchase order.
  • Unlimited stock locations and multiple stock storage types.
  • Component stock control.
  • Optional barcoding facilities.
  • Customised delivery notes and labels.
  • Automatic invoice generation option.
  • Powerful management reporting.