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The Boking Estimating module will manage the Print Buying process highlighting the status of supplier Request for Quote (RFQ) by means of a traffic light system.

The customer can optionally enter their Request for Quote (RFQ) via the Customer XN web interface and this is automatically passed to the Buying team.

If the requested item is a standard one with stored prices SolPrint can automatically repsond to the client in real-time.

If the requested item is bespoke then SolPrint will inform the Buyer which suppliers are best suited to the work and send out a detailed RFQ either by fax, printout, email or via their Supplier XN portal.

The supplier responds with their best price and turnaround time.
Once the tender response time has passed the Buyer simply identifies the preferred supplier for this job either manually or based on price/delivery time.

From this selection a quotation is sent to the client either by fax, printout, email or via their Customer XN portal.

Once the client accepts the quotation an automated Purchase Order can be sent to the Supplier for the work.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Customer XN, Order Processing and Production Control.

Key Features

  • Specific versions for Print Buying.
  • Unlimited quantities/items per quote.
  • Automatic Supplier Selection.
  • Easy manual override of system calculated data.
  • Automatic generation of Invitation to Tender (ITT).
  • Unlimited notes against quotations automatically brought forward for reprints.
  • Automatic quote description generation.
  • Automatic display of customer notes.
  • Quote won/lost analysis.
  • Auto quote option to generate quote automatically from Quote Request Forms.
  • Multi-currency compliant.
  • Extensive cost drill-down facilities.
  • Powerful management reports.
  • Contract Pricing.
  • Automatic quote generation from customer CSV or XML file.
  • Automated Salesrep Outlook reminders.