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Shop Floor Data Collection

There are a number of Shop Floor Data Collection options dependent on customer requirements. In its basic form, it is the method by which information relevant to a job is input at source - rather than second or third hand via timesheet or other forms.


The JDF Shop Floor module passes set-up and Work To details directly onto the press monitor.  The production data is then tracked in real time using JMF from the press.  No additional interface is required allowing the press operator to concentrate on the job in hand. For non-JDF enabled presses data can be collected via Touch Screens. Personnel can log on and view Work To lists, electronic work ticket, paper availability etc. By simple entry screens time is booked to jobs, or to non-productive codes. The module features an on-screen keyboard so that personnel can enter details or notes against a job, perhaps logging a paper fault or colour match. This gives real time on-screen information both to the shop floor and, importantly, instant feedback from the production process. The browser-based option allows shop floor data to be gathered from Apple Macintosh computers, usually in a studio environment.


Barcoded data can be gathered by means of a variety of readers and scanners. This system is popular in warehouse environments where pallets and reels need to be tracked. It can also be used with Finished Goods and Forms Management, to allow items to be picked and issued quickly and accurately. SolPrint can generate all bar codes needed to operate the system efficiently.


In addition to these methods, data can be gathered via direct machine interface. For example; printing press, folder, binding machine etc that may not be JDF enabled.


Because of the flexibility of SolPrint, it allows the use of these and other more specific methods of data input to be accommodated within the one management information system.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Scheduling, Job Costing and Despatch.

Key Features


  • JDF/JMF Shop Floor Module.
  • Touch Screen data collection.
  • Browser based Data Collection option for Mac and PC.
  • Barcode Data Collection option.
  • Optional direct machine links.
  • Real-time quality assurance question and answer prompts during logon and logoff procedure.
  • Full analysis of QA available for quality monitoring.
  • Automatic feedback to Scheduling and Job Costing modules.
  • Time and Attendance option to feed directly to payroll.
  • Section / Signature tracking options.
  • Material stock issue with optional barcode.
  • Pallet / Reel tracking interfaces.