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The Scheduling Module is designed as a true graphical planning board. Cost centre capacity is displayed with jobs scheduled viewed as colour coded bars to the length of time allocated. Double click on the bar and the Job Details are displayed. These bars are automatically generated when booking a job in, and are placed in an unscheduled jobs area prior to planning into production.


All jobs can be planned by simply dragging and dropping down to the appropriate time slot.  Adjustments are carried out in the same way. If a job is taking longer than expected, for example due to unforeseen production problems, then the bar can be extended also by simply dragging to the new capacity required. Overtime and extended shifts can be catered for by easily changing capacity and start times, either on a daily basis or for a specified time period. Alternatively, jobs can be planned cost centre by cost centre, department by department, using the production planning input screen. Jobs can be planned by date and time, or automatically using a simple priority system. The production schedule can be altered in a “what if” mode, for example to accommodate a large job at estimating stage.   Several “what if” scenarios can be created without affecting the “live” schedule.  Once the scheduler is happy with a “what if” scenario he selects to save this as the new “live” schedule.


An individual job schedule can be viewed using the Job Gantt screen. This enables specific jobs to be planned to the most efficient production path, to achieve a specific delivery date.  Actual and scheduled time can be viewed graphically to quickly highlight problem areas.  Cost centre “work to” lists can be printed off on a daily basis. Alternatively, with shop floor data collection, or JDF/JMF, these lists can be viewed on-screen in real time at the actual production point.  The Scheduling Module is fully integrated with the main SolPrint system, giving real time information at all enquiry points.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Paper and Raw Material Stock, Shop Floor Data Collection and Job Costing

Key Features


  • Capacity based.
  • Automatic creation of job schedule from estimate.
  • Graphical production planning board similar to the traditional "T Card" system.
  • Drag and drop facilities for easy manipulation of the schedule.
  • Automatic scheduling options including forward and backward scheduling.
  • Section by section scheduling.
  • Automatic update from Shop Floor Data Collection.
  • Status related colour coding.
  • Job flow Gantt chart.
  • Extensive "What If" facilities.
  • Electronic or hard copy "work-to" lists.
  • JDF/JMF interface.
  • Automatic Ganging based on pre-defined criteria.