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Paper and Raw Material Stock

This module allows you to enter all paper stocks and track stock location and stock movements.


When booking a job in, SolPrint will automatically search the paper stocks and allocate the correct material to the job. Paper can also be allocated manually if required. It is possible to “borrow” paper stock from one job to produce a more urgent new job. Paper stock can be traced by a variety of locations, including off-site or reserved merchant stock. Customer supplied stock is also catered for.


Full audit trails show at a glance the complete stock movements against the stock item selected. In addition to this, full reporting for stock take, stock usage summaries etc are available. SolPrint’s built in report writer allows all reports to be viewed on-screen as well as printed out.


Optional links to the warehouse via bar code scanners enable paper stock to be issued, or returned to stock, including part used pallets/reels. SolPrint will keep track of part used pallets or reels and automatically deduct sheets or meters used, each pallet/reel being given a unique reference. SolPrint will generate all bar codes required to operate your warehouse to its maximum efficiency.


Customer supplied stock can be managed within the system with access for the Customer to review stock levels and usage over the web through the Customer XN Module.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Supplier XN, Scheduling and Shop Floor Data Collection.

Key Features


  • Easy on-screen analysis of current stock position.
  • Automatic links during order processing.
  • Preferred supplier analysis.
  • Detailed stock audit trail.
  • Reserve stock analysis.
  • Full Reel/Pallet tracking.
  • Ability to track quarantined and non-conforming stock.
  • FIFO stock management.
  • EDI links with paper merchants.
  • Stock usage analysis.
  • Slow moving stock report.
  • Problem / low stock highlighting.