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Order Processing

The Order Processing Module enables you to create a job from estimate, or book a job in manually if required. SolPrint will automatically raise the Work Ticket, which can be viewed on-screen and printed to hard copy. There are options to add instructions and comments by department, or to modify materials or working methods. It is also possible to set pre-press and proofing schedules and target dates against the job at this stage.


When booking the job in from an estimate, the system will automatically look into the stock modules and allocate materials to the job. If the materials are not in stock or unavailable, SolPrint will raise a purchase order to the preferred supplier. You can modify stock allocations and purchase orders at any stage, however the system will not let you forget to order or allocate materials to a job – a safeguard when under pressure.


SolPrint will also automatically raise a cost sheet, to record times and costs against the job. It will also raise a delivery docket for delivery scheduling, delivery notes, labels etc. SolPrint will also place cost centre loadings for the job into the Scheduling Module ready for production planning.


The process can be further streamlined by using the automatic job creation routine that creates all the Work Ticket information from a customer supplied CSV or XML file.


The Order Processing Module therefore allows you to book a job in – quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss or typing.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Estimating, Production Control and Purchasing.

Key Features


  • Tailored works instruction to suit specific requirements.

  • Automatic credit control facility.
  • Optional electronic or hard copy work tickets.
  • Customer definable layouts.
  • Unlimited production notes against quotations or jobs, automatically brought forward for reprints.
  • Automatic display of customer notes.
  • Automatically raises purchase orders.
  • User definable order confirmation.
  • Additional charges.
  • Document management.
  • Unlimited delivery schedules.
  • Job quantity amend and auto recalc of estimate and production data.
  • Integration with Finished Good Stock for replenishment items.
  • Ability for jobs to be linked via a project name.
  • Automatic job creation from CSV or XML file.
  • Automatic imposition creation.