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The invoicing screen allows users to view actual costs versus estimated costs and to decide easily on an invoice figure. The completed invoice can then be printed to hard copy, and the invoiced amount is posted to the Sales Ledger.


From the actual costs it is possible to drill down into the costing to see how the costs are complied, and to interrogate timesheet, material allocations, purchases, outwork etc, entered against the job.


Additional charges agreed with the customer during job production are highlighted and by the click of a button these are automatically itemised on the invoice.


Should any complaints be recorded against the job these are highlighted at invoice stage with the option to review the details.


Also, the system will give a warning if there are outstanding supplier invoices logged against the job, giving the option to manually enter the outstanding value and allow the invoice to go. The principle is that the sooner the invoice goes out, the sooner you get paid!


An option to batch invoice selected jobs is great for digital work where standard pricing applies. Optionally jobs with complaints / notes / additional charges can be excluded allowing for the vast majority to be automatically processed.


SolPrint offers different patterns for invoicing including monthly consolidated invoices to batch all those small orders into 1 invoice. The printed invoice is completely customisable to your requirements and can be unique to each customer.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Despatch, Finished Good Stock and Accounts.

Key Features


  • Automatic generation of invoice from either actual or estimated costs.

  • Automatic reminder of chargeable extras.
  • Automatic prompt for over/under deliveries.
  • Automatic warning of outstanding supplier invoices.
  • Tailored invoice format.
  • Option to transfer whole or part of a job to Finished Good Stock.
  • Option to batch invoice selected jobs without manual review (ideal for Digital work).
  • Consolidated Monthly Invoicing.