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Specific versions of estimating are available for all types of printing processes including Sheet, Web, Digital, Screen, Label, Continuous and Broking.

The estimating module enables estimates to be built up as a series of parts, each calculated on its own parameters. For example, a brochure with cover, 8 pages of text, reply card insert and laster printed letter. Each part can vary in size, quantity, number of colours, materials, print and finishing processes, whether produced in-house or sub-contract.

If the estimate part requires outwork and you have your supplier's details in the system, SolPrint will cross reference the supplier file and come up with a list of suppliers for that job type, along with their prices.

Unlimited quantities can be entered and each quantity is calculated on the correct process and production method for that run length.

Once the estimate has been calculated, there are various options on pricing. The system will present the correct price, which can then be varied by percentage mark-up, selling price, value added, or by individual process if required. This enables you to try various price options to come up with an accurate, competitive quotation for that specific customer - fast!

SolPrint will the automatically generate the quote letter description based on the processes selected and either print, email or fax this to the client.

Contract Pricing functionality allows for pre-agreed customer specific prices to be entered into SolPrint and the system will automatically apply these where required. SolPrint will then show the costs to produce the work against the price based on the pre-agreed contracts highlighting the resulting profit/loss.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Customer XNOrder Processing and Production Control.

Key Features

  • Specific versions for Sheet, Web, Digital, Screen, Label, Continuous, Buyer.
  • Unlimited quantities per quote.
  • Best production method automatically suggested including best press, size, method.
  • Easy manual override of system calculated data.
  • Graphical displays including value added anlaysis, contribution and cost breakdown.
  • Unlimited notes against quotations automatically brought forward for reprints.
  • Automatic quote description generation.
  • Automatic display of customer notes.
  • Quote won/lost analysis.
  • Auto quote option to generate quote automatically from Quote Request Forms.
  • Multi-currency compliant.
  • Extensive cost drill-down facilities.
  • Powerful management reports.
  • Contract Pricing.
  • Automatic quote generation from customer CSV or XML file.
  • Automated Salesrep Outlook reminders.