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The Despatch Module is designed to fully control all deliveries within a job, whether single or multiple deliveries. The system will automatically generate delivery notes and labels, although these can be edited if required.


The Despatch Module can also cater for regular mailing of jobs i.e. monthly magazines.


When booking a job in via Order Processing, the account executive will detail the delivery schedule for the job.  This is used to prompt the despatch manager with the delivery requirements.  He generates the delivery notes and labels with all the information tracked against the job and this is available for review from production control.


Delivery notes and labels can be tailored to suit customer requirements.


Delivery details can be automatically passed to a 3rd party delivery system to produce the documentation required by the courier without any re-keying of data.

P/O Receipts including Customer Stocks can be recorded and the relevant areas of the system are automatically updated.

Moreover we also offer various printing modules including Job Costing, Invoicing and Finished Good Stocks.

Key Features

  • Unlimited delivery stages per job.
  • Automatic display of customer notes.
  • Delivery scheduling dependent on method, location and date.
  • Automatic weight calculation of finished job.
  • Tailored packing and delivery labels.
  • Tailored delivery and consignment notes.
  • Optional link to Finished Good Stock module.
  • Real-time link with 3rd party delivery systems.
  • Receipting of Purchase Orders.
  • Receipting of Customer Stocks.